The ONLINE PORTRAIT STUDIO is a project in which artist Louis Cameron photographs individuals worldwide with the assistance of technology and collaboration of the sitter.


There are three parts to the process. The initial step requires the sitter to photograph themselves with their mobile phone camera,  regardless of location, based on my direction. Next, they must send the images to the artist online. The final step involves the artist finishing the photograph in Berlin.

This approach to portraiture that requires the sitter to be an active participant in the process is in part inspired Andy Warhol’s first portrait commission from Ethel Scull in 1963 in which part of the process involved him photographing her in a Times Square photo booth. Both the use of vernacular photographic technology and the active role of the sitter in deciding how they want to represent themselves is a commonality in Cameron's and Warhol’s process. Cameron's approach to the “studio” portrait has the candid character of a snap shot infused with a digital surreal quality.                


If you are interested in being photographed in a long-distance photo session email the artist, click HERE.


The sitter will receive a unique, signed 8x10 in / 20 x 25 cm archival inkjet print for $500, mailed to their location.

    Lluvia, 2020

    Archival inkjet print on paper, 24.9 x 30 cm (9 3/4 x 11 3/4 in)