Severe, High, Elevated, Guarded, Low is a project composed of paintings and a video.  It aims to mark specific events that follow 9/11, as well as reactions to those events.  Four of the six paintings are based on military decorations.  They indicate the US response to 9/11 through specific military campaigns.  The other  paintings symbolize a security measure and protest against the United States' response to 9/11.  


The painting Severe, High, Elevated, Guarded, Low is based on the Homeland Security Advisory System chart. It uses a modernist syntax while symbolizing one of the United States' first attempts to communicate urgent terrorism threats. 


We the People SAY NO to the Bush Agenda protest banner is the source image for the namesake painting.  It depicts the banner without the text to create an abstraction, one with layered meaning.  While referencing the source banner the painting also refers to the rainbow colored PACE flag, widely seen throughout Italy and parts of Europe prior to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.  


The video, American Flag, is an animation composed of images culled from the internet. The disparate image sequence presents a choppy animation of the American flag in moments of glory, prostest, and mourning.

Severe, High, Elevated, Guarded, Low