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The Poster Project presents is forum for dialogue on current cultural issues in the form of posters. They are produced by a select group of artists for each portfolio and distributed on the internet. I initially started making posters to quickly respond to current cultural conversations and widely distribute them in a timely manner. Soon after making my first posters I saw the potential to collaborate with other artists on portfolios. The use of the Internet as a distribution channel allows for a worldwide reach. Additionally, the Internet is useful in facilitating international collaborations. 


The poster is a democratic form of art. Many can possess it due to its reproducibility. It can function outside the normal venues for art, such as museums and galleries. One can live with them at home, work, school, or any other setting. Additionally, the posters are free. One just has to print them out. 


In the end The Poster Project presents is a generous cultural offering from all artists that participate.




Suggestions for printing:


Take the PDF file, or email it, to a copy center. Print the posters on card stock (or thicker than plain) paper at 11 x 17 inches (or equivalent size.)

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